Music & Performances

The WCHOF Music Series (MS) celebrates a variety of unique music from the Saint Louis area and beyond. The WCHOF Composer Series (CS) partners with talent from the St. Louis Symphony to highlight the music of outstanding composers throughout history. Learn more about our upcoming concerts and watch them from the list below or by visiting our YouTube Channel

2021 Performances

January 21, 2021—CS: The Mazzoni Duo


January 27, 2021—MS: The Jahmal Nichols Group


February 18, 2021—CS: Dvorák’s “American”

February 24, 2021—MS: The Mighty Pines

March 18, 2021—CS: Music for Clarinet and Strings

March 24, 2021—MS: The Adam Maness Trio

April 8, 2021—CS: Chamber Project of St. Louis

April 28, 2021—MS: Lizzie Weber

May 6, 2021—CS: The Kingsbury Ensemble

May 26, 2021—MS: Joe Park & the Hot Club of St. Louis

June 7, 2021—CS: Dvorák’s “American”

June 23, 2021—MS: Uncle Albert

July 9, 2021—MS: Bowregard

July 15, 2021—CS: Brian Woods

August 19, 2021—CS: Jennifer Nitchman

August 25, 2021—MS: Brian Owens

September 16, 2021—CS: Tchaikovsky Piano Trio

September 22, 2021—MS: Anita Jackson

October 27, 2021—MS: Erin Bode 

October 7, 2021—CS: Winter Opera

November 11, 2021—CS: American Wild Ensemble

November 17, 2021—MS: Greg Rahn

December 2, 2021—CS: Chamber Project of St. Louis

December 14, 2021—The 442s & Brian Owens

Upcoming Programs