Collection & Donations

Collection growth is fundamental to the long-term success of the World Chess Hall of Fame (WCHOF).

Objects are considered for acquisition on the basis of various factors that include: quality; rarity; artistic merit and aesthetics, intellectual value, attribution and provenance; size, volume, or quantity of the objects; price; cost of conservation, storage and maintenance; restrictions of use; and potential use in exhibition and research.

Objects may be added to the collection by means of gift, bequest, purchase, exchange or any other transaction by which title to an object passes to the museum. All objects accepted into the collection become the WCHOF’s exclusive property and, if unrestricted, may be displayed, loaned, retained, or disposed of in the best interests of the museum and the public it serves.

An individual interested in donating property to the WCHOF, should make their gift known by contacting the Registrar / Collections Manager and providing pertinent information about the property, in order for their gift to be considered. It will be the responsibility of the Registrar to gather the known information from the potential Donor and present the property for consideration to the Chief Curator. In keeping with the acquisition procedures of the Collections Management Policy, the WCHOF will then consider the property based on the aforementioned criteria and determine whether the property meets with their collecting goals.

Appraisal Information

The Tax Reform Act of 1984 bars museums and other donee organizations from providing appraisals for a donor’s tax-deductible object. In addition, many professional codes of ethics prohibit museum staff from providing monetary appraisals. Museums are permitted to provide several sources for a potential donor or other interested party to seek these sources on their own.

Please note, the below listed appraisers are for information purposes only and are not an endorsement or recommendation of their services by the World Chess Hall of Fame.

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For more information, please contact:

Nicole Tessmer, Registrar