Visit the World’s Largest Chess Piece

Visit the World’s Largest Chess Piece (WLCP)! Certified by Guinness World Records on April 6, 2018, the iconic chess piece not only serves as a beacon for the Saint Louis Chess Campus, but also a regional and national landmark that exemplifies Saint Louis' impact on the sport and art of American chess. The WLCP is on public display in front of the World Chess Hall of Fame, across the street from the Saint Louis Chess Club, in the heart of Saint Louis’ Central West End neighborhood.

The WLCP measures 20 feet tall (6.096 m) and 9 feet, 2 inches (2.79 m) in diameter at the base and weighs a whopping 10,860 pounds (4,926 kg). The piece is 53 times larger than its model—the "Championship Staunton" king custom-designed by The House of Staunton in 2013 for use in the first Sinquefield Cup—and is made of African sapele mahogany.

The WLCP is always camera-ready and loves taking pictures with you and your friends! Bring your selfie stick and pose with this larger-than-life landmark anytime, for free. Share your photos with us by tagging @WorldChessHOF on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for a chance to be featured!