Street Beautification

Street Beautification, an exhibition of photography by Adrian O. Walker, features images of street art from the city of Saint Louis as part of the companion learning lab to Living Like Kings.

Adrian O. Walker "hand" mural by Peat "EYEZ" Wollaeger

Adrian O. Walker grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri, where he is currently based. After earning Bachelor of Arts degrees in sociology and photography from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Walker traveled throughout the United States as a freelance photographer specializing in music and lifestyle subjects. Using both film and digital formats, Walker’s photography creates new experiences for viewers, connecting them to the often overlooked beauty of everyday life.

Walker encourages viewers to address the culture of their surroundings, believing that it is the heart of what is real. Urban settings provide inspiration for him, and this selection of his photography depicts graffiti in both his own neighborhood of North Saint Louis and throughout the city. His lens captures the works of a vibrant, diverse group of artists whose creations transform their environment.


Works Featured in the Exhibition

In the Cut — 22nd Street

Adrian O. Walker

In the Cut — 22nd Street, 2014

Warning on Cass

Adrian O. Walker

Warning on Cass, 2014

3034 MLK South

Adrian O. Walker

3034 MLK South, 2014

Carver House Dreams

Adrian O. Walker

Carver House Dreams, 2014

Hand—Peat Wollaeger

Adrian O. Walker

Hand—Peat Wollaeger, 2014

2717 Iowa Love Self

Adrian O. Walker

2717 Iowa Love Self, 2014

Cherokee Dreams

Adrian O. Walker

Cherokee Dreams, 2014

Under St. Mary's Infirmary

Adrian O. Walker

Under St. Mary's Infirmary, 2014

Rise Up As One—Peat Wollaeger

Adrian O. Walker

Rise Up As One—Peat Wollaeger, 2014

Mullanphy Street Warning

Adrian O. Walker

Mullanphy Street Warning, 2014

Found Beauty On Jefferson

Adrian O. Walker

Found Beauty On Jefferson, 2014

Searching For Justice

Adrian O. Walker

Searching For Justice, 2014

Monroe Street

Adrian O. Walker

Monroe Street, 2014

2307 11th

Adrian O. Walker

2307 11th, 2014


Adrian O. Walker

Upchuck, 2014


Financial assistance has been provided by the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency.


With support from the Regional Arts Commission.



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