Screwed Moves

Nine of Saint Louis’ most recognized artists—known as The Screwed Arts Collective—will work together over a two week period (September 13-27, 2012) to spontaneously produce a one-of-a-kind, site-specific wall drawing inspired by chess.

On View: September 13, 2012 - February 10, 2013

Since opening in September 2011, the World Chess Hall of Fame has been honored to host the work of nationally- and internationally-renowned artists, and we are proud of the global recognition we have received for these innovative exhibitions. For Screwed Moves, however, we have turned our attention locally, showcasing area artists and highlighting Saint Louis’ reputation as a center of chess activity. The members of The Screwed Arts Collective have transformed our first-floor gallery into a working studio and community space exploring the seemingly disparate worlds of art and chess, and how they have uniquely impacted the city's cultural life by offering new rules to break in art, music and the spoken word.

The Screwed Arts Collective is made up of artists who are based in or have a connection to Saint Louis. They create collaboratively as well as have their individual studio art practices. In the collaborative process of creating wall drawings, the public is invited to observe and interact in that creative process.

The Screwed Arts Collective

Christopher Burch

Daniel Burnett

Stan Chisholm

Christopher Harris

Daniel Jefferson

Kris Mosby

Jason Spencer

Justin Tolentino

Bryan Walsh

As with the game of chess, these artists begin with a set of rules and self-limited parameters for each collective work. Yet, within this structure there are unlimited ways of organizing the elements of imagination and possibility within that environment. This time, in Screwed Moves, they are bound by the concepts of a “chain of operations.” The artists are seeking to make the psychology of the chess player visible through their mark-making on the walls. Bound by rules and aggressively creating within those rules, they are mimicking the structure of the game within the chaos of the stimulated mind. They are embracing opposites; finding patterns; making moves.

—Roseann Weiss, Curator


Financial assistance has been provided by the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency.


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Screwed Moves Exhibition Brochure

Christopher Burch Artist Card

Daniel Burnett Artist Card

Stan Chisholm Artist Card

Christopher Harris Artist Card

Daniel Jefferson Artist Card

Kris Mosby Artist Card

Jason Spencer Artist Card

Justin Tolentino Artist Card

Bryan Walsh Artist Card