Golf the Galleries 2019: Artist-Designed Mini Golf

The World Chess Hall of Fame is proud to be a maker and sponsor in The Sheldon Art Galleries’ newest exhibition, Golf the Galleries: Artist-Designed Mini Golf, on view June 1 through August 11, 2019.

The Sheldon Art Galleries presents a unique interactive art exhibit—a nine-hole playable, family-friendly mini golf installation that takes over their entire 2nd floor gallery space.

The World Chess Hall of Fame (WCHOF) returns to Golf the Galleries with a chess-themed mini-golf experience perfect for summer. Perpetual Check features neon graphics drawn from a travel chess set in the collection of the WCHOF. Summer-themed chess pieces wearing sunglasses are posed on an infinite grid inspired by the chessboard. Navigate around the chess pieces to get your ball to the sand castle and capture a winning score!

Perpetual Check Concept Sketch

Concept Sketch of Perpetual Check


For more information, visit The Sheldon's website.


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