July 13, 2018

Featured Chess Set: July 2018

July’s Featured Chess Set was selected in honor of the Saint Louis Chess Club’s tenth anniversary, which is on July 17, 2018. Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield, who co-founded the Club with her husband Rex Sinquefield, designed the set. The two also provided the seed funding to move the World Chess Hall of Fame to Saint Louis and continue to provide support for exhibitions and programming. You can learn more about their effect on chess in the United States and around the world in the World Chess Hall of Fame’s current exhibition The Sinquefield Effect: The Resurgence of American Chess.

Chess 2 Go, 2013



King size: 1 ⅜ in. dia.

Board: 15 x 15 in.


Collection of the World Chess Hall of Fame, gift of the Saint Louis Chess Club


Dissatisfied with traditional designs for portable chess sets, Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield, Scoutmaster and Inventor Steve Goldstein, and Life Scout Sam Goldstein conceptualized Chess2Go while camping at Camp Sinquefield in Missouri. They desired to find a replacement for small pieces that were difficult to see but easy to lose and the rectangular boxes that could be uncomfortable when carrying in a backpack. After returning home, they created several prototypes, including one with a neckerchief chessboard. The final result is the set which you can play here, which has a pin to hold the pieces when not in use.