Artist Talks & Workshops

The WCHOF’s artist talks & workshop programs explore chess, art, history, and culture in conjunction with on-view exhibitions and collections. Learn more about our upcoming programs and watch them from the list below or by visiting our YouTube channel.

2021 Programs

February 3, 2021—Artist Talk: Stan Chisholm and Peat "EYEZ" Wollaeger

March 10, 2021—Artist Talk: Dail Chambers and Edo Rosenblith

March 31, 2021—Art is for Everybody Demo with Stan Chisholm

April 14, 2021—Art is for Everybody with Peat Wollaeger

April 21, 2021—Art is for Everybody with Dail Chambers

April 24, 2021—Artist Talk: Allan Tannenbaum

May 12, 2021—Art is For Everybody Demo with Edo Rosenblith 

May 19, 2021—Felt Chess Pieces with Erin King 

May 29, 2021—Masterminds: You Deserve a Trophy! 

Upcoming Programs