Halls of Fame

World Chess Hall of Fame

The World Chess Hall of Fame inductees are nominated by representatives of the World Chess Federation (Fédération Internationale des Échecs, FIDE).

U.S. Chess Hall of Fame

The US Chess Federation Recognitions Committee each year considers recommendations for induction into the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame. The Committee’s recommendations are sent to the US Chess Executive Board for review and comment, and the Board's recommendations are then sent to the Trustees of the US Chess Trust. The Trustees have the official authority to determine inductees into the US Chess Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony takes place at the World Chess Hall of Fame in Saint Louis, MO. The Chairman of the US Chess Trust or his designee performs the official induction, using the official Hall of Fame gavel. Additional recognition may occur at the US Chess Awards ceremony at the annual US Chess Federation meeting.

The Recognitions Committee includes experts and researchers in chess history. The objectives of the Hall of Fame include enhancing the knowledge of chess history and its place in culture, in accordance with the educational function of the Trust.

US Chess Federation Recognitions Committee:

  • Dr. John McCrary (Chair)
  • IA Walter M. Brown, Jr.
  • ICM Frank Camaratta
  • IM John Donaldson
  • FM Bill Goichberg
  • John Hilbert
  • IA Randy Hough
  • IA Sophia Rohde
  • GM Andy Soltis
  • Peter Tamburro
  • Fred Wilson

GM Soltis and Bill Goichberg are members of the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame. Frank Camaratta, John Donaldson, and John McCrary are past Chairs of the Hall of Fame Committee.

U.S. Chess Trust Officers and Trustees:


  • E. Steve Doyle
  • Dr. Leroy Dubeck
  • Myron Lieberman
  • FM Sunil Weeramantry
  • Tim Redman
  • Shane Samole


  • Stuart Chagrin
  • FM Dov Gorman
  • WIM Beatriz Marinello
  • Dr. Norman Saba
  • Rex Sinquefield

Managing Director: Al Lawrence

The World Chess Hall of Fame and Museum was created in 1984 by the United States Chess Federation.


Hall of Fame Brochure, 2018 Edition