Richard Réti

Richard Réti(1889-1929)

World Chess

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Inducted 2018







Richard Réti was one of the fathers of hypermodern chess, which he promoted through his play and writing. His publications included Modern Ideas in Chess (1923) and the posthumous Masters of the Chess Board (1930). Réti was also a world-class player who defeated World Chess Champion José Capablanca at New York 1924, ending the latter’s eight-year, 63-game unbeaten streak. A one-time world blindfold record holder for most chess games played simultaneously (29 at São Paulo, Brazil, in 1925), Réti was also a renowned endgame composer. The Réti Opening, which is characterized by the fianchetto of both White bishops and the move c4, is named after him.

Notable Games

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Richard Reti
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Collection of the World Chess Hall of Fame
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Frank J. Marshal Playing Richard Reti, Moscow 1925
Collection of the John G. White Chess Collection at the Cleveland Public Library