Bill Goichberg

Bill Goichberg(b. 1942)

U.S. Chess

Hall of Fame

Inducted 2018







A great innovator in American chess, Bill Goichberg pioneered in holding rated scholastic tournaments (1966) and originated the National High School Championship (1969), the National Junior High School Championship (1973), the National Elementary (K-6) Championship (1976), and the National (K-12) Championship (1991). Goichberg originated non-smoking events (1973), the Grand Prix (1979), and Rated Beginner Opens (1990). He also ran many GM/IM swiss norm events to help American players earn FIDE titles and popularized sudden death time controls and the Quad format. Goichberg organized thousands of tournaments, including the World Open (1973-), the world’s largest chess tournament for most of the past 45 years.

Notable Games

Photographer unknown
Kim Commons, Larry Evans, Robert Byrne, Lubomir Kavalek, Bill Goitchberg, and William Lombardy at the Haifa, Israel, Chess Olympiad
Collection of the World Chess Hall of Fame
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"King's Corner: An Interview with Bill Goichberg" in Overboard Magazine
Collection of the World Chess Hall of Fame, gift of John Donaldson