Sound Moves: Where Music Meets Chess

On view May 17, 2023 - January 28, 2024


With extraordinarily rich histories in common, it is no wonder that there are innumerable points of intersection between the respective stories of chess and music. From master chess players who are deeply passionate about writing, playing, and experiencing music to world-renowned musicians with insatiable appetites for both the competitive and collaborative aspects of chess, the art of music and the sport of chess have enjoyed an enormously productive and mutually influential partnership over the centuries. But the players of chess and the performers and producers of music who share an interest in each other’s discipline are only one facet of the many dimensions that comprise the larger picture of the association between art and chess.

With compelling, eye-catching objects, a diverse sound palette, and videos that will entertain and inform, Sound Moves will appeal to chess enthusiasts of all levels, writers, performers, and lovers of diverse genres of music, and novices of both activities with an interest in popular culture and a desire to be exposed to a fascinating story featuring a thoughtful and dynamic presentation.