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Updated May 20, 2014

May 2014

5/19/14: KDHX — Shannon and Bradley Bailey and Larry List, World Chess Hall of Fame (Audio)

5/8/14: KSDK — Chess championships kick off (Video)

5/6/14: KSDK — St. Louis named ‘National Chess Capital’ (Video)


February 2014

2/13/14: KDHX — Interview with Shannon Bailey, Chief Curator (Audio)


January 2014

1/2014: HEC-TV — State of the Arts: World Chess Hall of Fame (Video)


May 2013

5/8/13: KMOX — Interview with Adisa Banjoko, by Charlie Brennan

5/4/13: St. Louis Public Radio — The Intersection Of Chess And Art, by Nancy Kranzberg


April 2013

4/22/13: Living St. Louis — Chess Art
The World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis is more than a place that honors the greatest players of the game. Producer Ruth Ezell shows how the Hall of Fame links chess to art and showcases the creative process.
Interview with Susan Barrett, Director
WGNU—St. Louis Urban Forum
At approximately 16:00 minutes
April 14, 2013


March 2013

Bill Smith: Beyond the Humanities
KMOX Spot — Charlie Brennan
March 6, 2013


February 2013

2/1/13: STLTV — City Corner: World Chess Hall of Fame 
Susan Barrett - Director, World Chess Hall of Fame
Shannon Bailey - VP of Exhibitions, World Chess Hall of Fame
Host: Steve Potter


January 2013

1/21/13:  KDHX — Susan Barrett, World Chess Hall of Fame and Museum, by Nancy Kranzberg (Video)

1/3/13:  Fox 2 Now-St. Louis — Family Day at Chess Hall of Fame (Video

KDHX Spot — January 2013


November 2012

KMOX — Debbie Monterrey
November 12, 2012
NPR Spot — November 2012


August 2012

8/9/12:  KMOX — Voices of St. Louis–Chess by Debbie Monterrey (Audio)


June 2012


 6/22/12: USCF — “The Scoop on the World Chess Hall of Fame: Inspiring Women Through Art”


May 2012

5/7/12:  KSDK — World’s largest chess piece finds home in St. Louis (Video)


March 2012

3/8/12:  Fox 2 News Now-St. Louis — Photographer Harry Benson’s Work Coming to St. Louis (Video)

3/7/12:  KSDK — World Chess Hall of Fame calls St. Louis’ Central West End home (Video)


January 2012

1/23/12:  KDHX — St. Louis’s own World Chess Hall of Fame (Video)


September 2011

9/13/11:  KSDK — World Chess Hall of Fame (Video)

9/9/11: KWMU — Interview with Guido van der Werve, Matthew Bengtson, and Susan Barrett, Director of the WCHOF