PINNED! A Designer Chess Challenge

PINNED! is a first-of-its-kind designer challenge, developed in partnership with the World Chess Hall of Fame and the Saint Louis Fashion Fund, to celebrate the intersection of chess and fashion.

PINNED! A Designer Chess Challenge

Paired with a consulting Grandmaster, each member of the Saint Louis Fashion Incubator's inaugural class is designing a chess ensemble for today’s chess player, in competition to win a $10,000 scholarship prize.

  • Charles Smith II & GM Cristian Chirila
  • Audra Noyes & GM Maurice Ashley
  • Agnes Hamerlik & GM Alejandro Ramirez
  • Allison Mitchell & GM Fabiano Caruana
  • Emily Brady Koplar & WGM Jennifer Shahade
  • Reuben Reuel Riddick & IM Nazi Paikidze-Barnes
Join us for the unveiling of the winning design from PINNED! on August 1!

For more information, please contact:

Rikki Byrd


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Designer Photography by Geoff Story, TOKY

Grandmaster Photography by Austin Fuller, Matt Kile, and Spectrum Studios