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Chess Collectors International


Chess Collectors International was incorporated in 1984 for the study and promulgation of the art and history of chess artifacts.

The organization held its first Biennial Convention in Florida in 1984. Subsequent conventions have been held in London, England (1986); Munich, Germany (1988); New York, United States (1990); Paris, France (1992); St. Petersburg, Russia (1994); Washington, D.C., United States (1996); Vienna, Austria (1998); Florence, Italy (2000); Philadelphia, United States, (2002); Madrid, Spain (2004); Berlin, Germany (2006); Miami, United States (2008); Cambridge, England (2010); Dresden, Germany (2012); and New Jersey, United States (2014). 

Plans are currently being developed for a conference in Paris, France, in 2016. Western Hemisphere meetings of Chess Collectors International have been held in Cleveland, Ohio (1996); Mexico City, Mexico (1999);  Fort Lauderdale, Florida (2001);  Montreal, Canada (2003);  Port Jefferson, New York (2005); San Francisco, California (2007);  Princeton, New Jersey (2009);  Saint Louis, Missouri (2011);  Baltimore, Maryland (2013); and Saint Louis, Missouri (2015).

Conventions often feature seminars and speakers regarding chess collecting; chess auctions; museum exhibitions; displays of chess art, books, and stamps; and the sale and trading of chess sets and chess materials. During these gatherings, museums including The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia; New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art; the Philadelphia Museum of Art; Paris’s Bibliotèque nationale de France; the Deutsches Museum in Munich, and London’s British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum have displayed sets from the collections of CCI members.

Membership initially was for those who enjoyed the beauty, art, and history of chess sets. It now includes collectors of chess postage stamps as well as chess books, chess artwork, chess pins, documents, and other memorabilia.

Some members are recognized for their playing expertise. Others know little of the moves, but enjoy collecting chess memorabilia in all forms. Some members have three or four chess sets. Others have collected hundreds of sets. Some specialize in antique sets. Others prefer sets designed by modern artists or local craftspeople.

A worldwide membership and mailing list numbers close to 2,000 people in 34 different nations. Approximately 10 percent are located in the New York Metropolitan area and about 50 percent of the membership is in the United States.

In local areas, members sometimes get together to display and discuss chess sets and related materials. By telephone and letter, members keep one another informed of upcoming sales and other pertinent information. Chess Collectors International publishes two newsletters 2 to 3 times a year for its members. 

The Chess Collector is produced in England and CCI-USA is created in the United States. The organization is also developing plans for scholarships and prizes to encourage further study of the art and history of the game of chess.

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