Board of Directors & Staff

Board of Directors & Staff

Updated May 29, 2015

Board of Directors

Andrew Walker, Chairman
Paul Ha, Secretary
Sheila Manion, Treasurer
Jennifer Shahade, Director
Marc Thayer, Director 


Joy Bray, General Manager


Shannon Bailey, Chief Curator 
(314) 367-9243 x103 


Mike Wilmering, Director of Development


Lauren Stewart, Development Manager


Erica Kelly, Special Events Coordinator


Brian Flowers, Buyer and General Manager of Q Boutique at the WCHOF 
(314) 367-9243 x107


Emily Allred, Assistant Curator
(314) 367-9243 x108


Paige Pedersen, Graphic Designer
(314) 367-9243 x110


Allison Rieke, Administrative Assistant
(314) 367-9243 x123


Maggie Abbott, Registrar
(314) 367-9243 x124


Nick Schleicher, Preparator
(314) 367-9243 x126

Matt Dauphin, Gallery Manager


Linda Davis, Bookkeeper


For media inquiries please contact:

Cabanne Howard

(314) 518-7225